Delivering Partnership Success

Just as everyone is unique, so too is every business. Including yours. That's why we create personalised partnerships with every customer, appointing a tailored ITM team that will best complement your plans for business success.

Dedicated Personal Contact

  • You will be appointed a dedicated ITM Personal Contact.
  • They're your day-to-day go-to person to ensure your products arrive door-to-door seamlessly.

Customised Customer Success Team

  • We will also tailor a skilled ITM Customer Success Team to support your business ambitions.
  • Inhouse capabilities include: customs brokers, supply chain and order management specialists,ERP & ICT integration managers, compliance audit specialists and tariff consultants.

Integrated regional office network

  • ITM has over 100 committed team members across Asia-Pacific.
  • We maintain offices in: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Shanghai. 

Worldwide reach

  • In an era of ever-expanding international trade, ITM retains a global network of exclusive associates in all major trading regions, including Europe, Africa, Middle East and America.