Do Free Trade Agreements Protect Me From Dumping Duty?

Dumping duty can be imposed by the Australian government to protect local industries from foreign companies looking to sell their like goods on the Australian market at a lower price than that of their own domestic market (normal value)...

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Delivering Export Success

Expanding into new overseas markets can be both exciting and daunting. But with ITM by your side, you’ve got a partner who’s an expert in both international trade requirements and identifying export grants to help your business expand. So we’ll not only make getting into new markets easier but potentially more lucrative too.

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Customs Consultancy

Businesses involved in international trade face complex regulations and duties that can put a dent in the bottom line. But with ITM’s team of experienced customs consultants reviewing your international movements, your regulatory compliance will not only be of the highest standard, we’ll ensure your import costs are as low as possible too.

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Just as everyone is unique, so too is every business. Including yours. That's why we create personalised partnerships with every customer, appointing a tailored ITM team that will best complement your plans for business success

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Pricing Analytics

Business success comes at a price - the right price. Accurate cost data and analytics enable better decision making and, ultimately, better alignment with your all-too-important product delivery strategy. ITM proprietary pricing tools give you access to accurate cost data and analytics, so you enjoy pricing confidence.

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Smart Systems

Smart Systems is our powerful business intelligence platform developed in collaboration with ITM customers. It delivers deep insight and adaptable analytical tools to drive efficiency, improve decision-making and improve your business operations and profitability.

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